Allowing your aircraft to be offered to the public for charter will significantly reduce your cost of ownership. Fixed costs such as Management Fee, Hangar Storage, Insurance, Crew Salaries, Crew Training, Navigation Charts, and Avionics Updates are costs that, as an owner, you must pay regardless of how many hours your aircraft flies each year. Exec Jet Club has been able to virtually eliminate these expenses paid by an owner by virtue of the profit that an owner will realize by allowing Exec Jet Club to operate the aircraft on its charter certificate. Furthermore, a significant portion of the aircraft’s maintenance and engine(s) costs are also covered with the revenue generated by retail charter. Basically, an owner may only have to pay for fuel and other direct costs when they use the aircraft.

Additionally, when Exec Jet Club manages your aircraft, you will receive discounts on any other aircraft in Exec Jet Club’s fleet, and you will receive discounts on fuel and maintenance.

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