Thank you for you interest in owning your own share of a private jet, offering you a personalized, professionally managed and staffed travel experience at an extremely competitive price. Here are some benefits to joining the Exec jet Club:

•Comfort. All of the aircraft we offer have mid-sized cabins, luxurious seating for 7 to 8 passengers, lavatories and fully stocked galleys.Your professional crew can take you to altitudes of up to 45,000 feet, ensuring you the smoothest ride possible.

• Convenience. Your jet is capable of utilizing thousands of airports both large and small to get you to exactly where you need to go.The high performance engines will get you to altitudes above most other jet traffic and cruise at speeds exceeding 500 miles per hour.

• Quality. Our aircraft are the envy of seasoned travelers because of its unmatched safety record, reliability, performance and luxuriously appointed cabins.

• Professional Crew. Your flight crew is highly qualified to meet or exceed the standards set forth by the FAA part 135 regulations. Our pilots attend simulator training and testing every 6 months and all of our pilots, as well as our company and aircraft, have the Argus Gold Rating.

• Familiar Crew. You will know your pilots and they will know you, allowing them to give you the travel experience you desire. With our competitors, you are unlikely to see the same crew member twice. You can take comfort in knowing who is taking care of you in the air.

• Personalized Service. We take the hassle out of aircraft ownership in managing every detail of operating your airplane.

• Most Rates Competitive In The Industry. Knowing the current challenges in the economy, we have derived a business model that is extremely cost efficient. In fact, we can offer you the ability to fly in your own jet for about 40% less than the national fractional companies.

Owning a share of your own private jet gives you access to the best of everything. We are dedicated to providing you with a worry-free, personalized travel experience with utmost attention to detail and safety to meet your travel.

Packages starting at just $12,000

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